8bit today discontinued for a while

Jul 24, 10:32 AM by SanderFocus

Hello there, as you may have noticed – it’s been very silent here lately. And I do realize that´s not going to change for a while. I’ve prioritized my own creative projects over this blog for a while, therefore the silence.

Therefore 8bit today is discontinued for indefinite time – hopefully to be back with more structural updates in the future.

I hope you understand.

Let’s end this with the most amazing 8bit related project of this year. The Chipophone by Linus ´LFT´ Akesson



Indeed ! Awesome work !
And for the updates as long as the site is not dead it is ok.

zikzak, 24.07.10  [link]

Too bad… I like this blog. But definitely looking forward to your art!

Bert, 25.07.10  [link]

have fun doing your thing, and hope to read cool stuff again from you soon!

peter, 25.07.10  [link]

Sander, could you share some information on your other projects? Curious to know.

angelday_true, 26.07.10  [link]

This is a terrible shame, but a great post to finish with!

BitPop, 26.07.10  [link]

Thanks for the great work, I have been following with pleasure!

Johan, 28.07.10  [link]

yep respect. Lots of good things discovered on your blog.

otro, 28.07.10  [link]

Great work Sanderski, I second the comments above. Nevertheless WE ARE HUNGRY :) I’d help you discover something interesting ;) Good luck!

Crimson/Wrath, 25.08.10  [link]

C’est bien dommage.

François,  4.09.10  [link]

Fair enough. :D

Nintendo Legend,  7.10.10  [link]

thank you sander for a wonderful journey through the 8-bit universe. this blog has always been a great repository of nostalgic feelings and so it will remain. hope you will get a chance to back on air pretty soon! good luck with your other projects!

skurwy, 25.12.10  [link]

this site is a reference to me. thanks a lot !

iris, 31.12.10  [link]

time to resurrect the bits.

mikrosopht, 29.03.12  [link]

Hello there commodore 64 fans :-) I’ve made a PETSCII Art Editor, which you can download from my website:
It’s freeware. Cheers!

Egon,  8.05.12  [link]

“time to resurrect the bits.”

Arthur, 16.09.12  [link]


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