Ten 8bit productions from october

Nov 1, 03:46 PM by SanderFocus

Melt by Alkaline

As October has ended – and new releases kept flowing, it’s an appropriate moment to cover some of these. Here’s a list of demos and pixel graphics.

Rasternator by Disaster Area

A small minimalistic demo for the Commodore 64. With the usage of a few elements he manages to create a bit of a low tech filmic approach. Very creative.

Chase that feeling by Warriors of the Wasteland

A one man show. A Life In Hell aka ALIH, is a true data punk. When ‘normally’ a programmer with his skillset would do a big demo like this, it would most likely to have made it way more polished. ALIH choses his own ways, resulting in an authentic dirty data style – quite unpredecented. It’s not easy digestible for most, but like whiskey – it takes some experience to appreciate it.

Syntax by Joe
Syntax by Joe
A characteristic new piece by Joe. Read and see more of his work here.

Mermaid vs BlackBeltJones by Mermaid
Mermaid vs BlackBeltJones by Mermaid
Mermaid, a highly skilled pixel artist with a great productivity. See more of her pixel graphics here and her comics at cheesepirate.com

Bold by Dvik & Joyrex

Pleasantly suprised by a fine demo made on the MSX. Features some nice screens, though – it’s the ‘usual’ demoscene visual effects on a different platform. Made it to the first place in the demo competitions at Alternative Party 2009.

Unsigned by Byterapers

A debute demo by Suckho. Quite amazing to know he only started programming the Commodore 64 only 7 weeks before releasing this demo. Technically not that outstanding – but a great achievement nonetheless. All done in a carefully crafted way, it features some real pretty screens.

Trip by Adinpsz

Hardcore demoscene stuff again. Exploring the capabilities of a ‘graphing calculator’, in particular the TI-89 from 1998 by Texas Instruments. However it’s technically not 8bit, the low tech style makes up for a lot.

Melt by Alkaline
Melt by Alkaline
High contrast, expressive colours and style. Unfortunately way too rare in pixel graphics.

Suspicious Bees by Manupix
Suspicious Bees by Manupix
Very graphical pixel art, unusual nice palette to go with it. Perhaps the balloon is a bit fluffy..

Mr Creosote by Jinn
Mr Creosote by Manupix
Which came with a nice animation of how it progressed.
Suspicious Bees by Jinn



Check out all demos from Syntax Party 2009 here. But my favourite C64 demo for October is from Byterapers. They did a great music.

SyntaxError,  2.11.09  [link]

was really blown away by this vocal thing in chase that feeling!

elfh,  2.11.09  [link]

I love your website ! I like to discover really pixel art and great things ! Alkaline and Dvik & Joyrex are absolutely awesome ! Work of Jinn is excellent too ! All is great ! Big respect for artists !

jikoo, 23.11.09  [link]


gadget, 30.11.09  [link]


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