Move your feet by Shynola

Feb 7, 10:45 AM by SanderFocus

The motion designers boutique called Shynola from England made an awesome video for Junior Senior back in 2002. The music is not really 8bit related, but the visuals are for unknown reasons. Beyond that, the music video is totally outstanding. Shynola is perhaps best known for their music videos for Radiohead and Blur, though their talent is wide enough to deal with 8bit aesthetics in a most impressing way.

Junior Senior was a pop musical duo from Denmark. They split up in late 2008, after having had some hits, they both decided to go solo. For they club hit ‘Move your feet’ they turned to Shynola, and they made one of the funkiest 8bit videos ever for this track.

Looking at the video from a technical view, it looks a lot like it’s made with Deluxe Paint, a pixel and animation program, developed for the Commodore Amiga and originally published in 1985. Since it was a very popular tool, it was ported to different platforms during the 90ties. Deluxe Paint is quite a spartan program to work with, the tool is really limited in animation possiblities compared to nowadays standards, most of it has to be done manually, frame by frame. Considering the video takes 3:26 minutes at 25 frames per second, the math shows it was an incredibly huge production.

Unfortunately Shynola’s portfolio doesn’t show more examples of this Deluxe Paint approach, but it’s highly recommended to watch their other works. See them here, and see an interview with them here.



I spoke with someone at Shynola after seeing this.

Turns out one of the guys used to do Deluxe Paint animations when he was a kid, loads of them, and he wanted to do this, seemed natural. You can tell they were experienced with it!

They used DPIV on an emulator, and later compiled the different anims on After Effects, adding some stuff like transitions etc. If I remember correctly, they worked with strict palette limitations as well.

Akira||8GB,  7.02.09  [link]

supercool! tnanks to akira for additional info as well.

elfh,  9.02.09  [link]

I second Elfh. This clip made my day! :D

Crimson, 14.02.09  [link]

I found the previous version much better. It seems somebody had replaced it. Couldn’t find it in the web anymore. Sander, do you have the old version? Could you send it to me?

Crimson/WD,  8.04.10  [link]


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