The art of Videogramo

Jan 14, 09:30 AM by Elfh

Cropping from a piece by Videogramo

Surreal worlds collide and explode in urge to become visible. People, whose skin absorbed hallucinations of a last psychedelic trip, stare at you with empty eyes. They make love, play games and participate in some strange, indescribable, yet attractive events…

This is not a description of some sci-fi movie. This is Videogramo – an artist from Barcelona, pouring out his mind in a form of animated or static images, which colours send us back in time, when computers where still young. Below is a small interview to helps us get closer to his creative paradigm.

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Work by Videogramo Work by Videogramo
Work by Videogramo Work by Videogramo
Work by Videogramo Work by Videogramo

[8bit today] It seems to me, that some elements of your work are inspired by an old computer graphics aesthetics. Am I right? Please, tell me more about your background and inspiration.

[Videogramo] The main inspiration comes from the first generation of graphics on internet where I was working some years ago, Gif format is the best example, translating high-res to low-res formats. The inspiration goes beyond with 8-bit and video computer games, as a graphic designer I’m fascinated for the simplicity of this imaginary.

[8bit today] Sometimes your works looks like a scenes from an another planet. Do you put any story or plot in a picture, or let imagination work by itself to create such bizarre and captivating images?

[Videogramo] There are general ideas like genres in a movie; action, crime, thriller, sci-fi and so on but yes, I let free imagination to work. Some taglines and keywords are used in the sketches like a synopsis for the pictures.

[8bit today] What tools do you usually use?

[Videogramo] Illustration programs such as Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDRAW, and others are used to create vector images. Raster images are edited in image editing programs such as Photoshop, Paint, and Fireworks. There are also touches of Abandonware, from 3D Studio to Deluxe Paint Animator.

[8bit today] Are those graphic works somehow connected to your job, or are you doing this in free time only?

[Videogramo] It’s all in my free time in connection with some works I do together with other artists, most specially with musicians. The fisrt contact with music was Cielo an electronic band from Spain where I did a sketch for a future music video. I have realized other collaborations with bands such Computadora Feliz and Goto80 designing logos and art covers. (updated april 2010) is updating from time to time, so keep visiting.



Some way cool stuff here!

Enso, 15.01.09  [link]

thanks for this ! im a huge fan of his artworks, but this guy was kinda mysterious until now…

iris, 20.02.09  [link]

Hi people,
Im a Graphic designer from Argentina,
I would like to contact Videogramo someway to share some stuff.
Could this be possible? thanks

Marciano,  1.06.09  [link]


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