The best 8bit podcasts of 2008

Dec 29, 10:45 AM by SanderFocus

The best 8bit podcasts of 2008

The 8bit communities have adapted to trends like podcasts. Since 2008 has nearly ended, it’s time to mention a small selection of those wonderful compilations which are a must-have on your mp3 player.

BitJam Podcast Episode #46 – Selected Spectrum works
A selection of a variety of Spectrum music, compiled by ZX Spectrum musician C-Jeff. Download here. (scroll down)

BitJam Podcast Episode #43 – SIDs You Thought They Were Not
With the technique of running a SID tune at multiple speed, the output is often so surprising. Download here. (scroll down)

8Bit Mayhem PodCast Episode #13 – The After X Experience
After the succesfull demoscene party, the X2008, a lot of new music was published. Scout, a longtime demoscener from The Netherlands, made a compilation of the best music. Download it here.

8Bit Mayhem PodCast – Burglar Presents: 100% SID – Live At X2008
An unexpected musical appearance by Burglar. Yet an instant proof of good taste and skills. Download it here.

One man and his Mic Show #10 – 8-Bits At The Movies
One of the few podcasts with a host, done by the British Kenz, edited in the Binary Zone Interactive studio. Download it here.

Jucke’s Experimental SidShow
Jucke is an appreciated Swedish C64 demoscener and has been a DJ since the 80ties. This is a selection of experimental tunes, some very rare and unknown. Download it from here.

Feel invited to post your favorite 8bit podcasts in the comments!



Bit Jam #43 has an incredibly bitch-slapping amount of megatunes! I’m rocking to this, best music to hear before my own show ;D

Akira||8GB, 29.12.08  [link]


thanks for the heads up!

Burglar,  1.01.09  [link]

Nice compilation, Sander! One you forgot to mention is Xenox’s mix:

Steppe,  1.01.09  [link]

my mr marvellous is a single speed! that’s outrageous! :P:P:P

jammer,  8.04.09  [link]

@Jammer, oh that’s quite failure there :) I’d take it as a compliment though.

Sander,  9.04.09  [link]

i did :P you wouldn’t think that i was really upset, would you? :D

jammer,  9.04.09  [link]


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