8bit - is a generation of computers, mainly from the 80ties. These particular computers had strong limitations in every aspect; audio, graphics and speed of the processor were only a mere fraction of nowadays standards. Dealing with these limitations brought very authentic aesthetics.
Although today we are not restricted to the limitations of 8bit, it's considered a challenge and a source of inspiration by many. The audio and visual culture is spread throughout various scenes, communities and solo artists.

Our misson
We intend to collect and share remarkable 8bit related news, information and media. By extending our range of interest beyond the obvious, we hope to create a contextual landscape to put things in perspective. Create overview and insight.

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The team
Sander 'SanderFocus' van den Borne (website), Organiser & Editor
Elfimov 'Elfh' Konstantin, Editor
Martin 'Radiantx' Evald, Editor
Jesper 'Zenda' Paaske, Video support

Guidelines for submitting content
▪ It should be 8bit or related. From a musical, technical or visual point of view, there has to be good relevance.
▪ We do not intend to publish content solely for promotional purposes. Unless there's something really remarkable to it.
▪ We strive to cover trends, movements and remarkable creativity
▪ We strive to publish indepth information concerning the content. We usually do not publish copy and paste articles from other media, we intend to create our own content.
▪ We strive to keep the content understandable for non technical people. We intend to serve a wide audience.

Eventhough we are very picky, we do encourage you to submit new content.